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First of all, let’s not get into the genocide, pilgrims taking the land from the natives argument. I’m not going there. It’s not that I don’t acknowledge what happened, or that I’m not thankful every day. It’s that Thanksgiving allows me more “breathing room” than a typical workday or weekend day when I’m trying to finish my to-do list that never seems to end. Holidays are generally a time when I allow myself permission to just…be. And so on Thanksgiving, I choose to be thankful. Here is a brief list:

photo courtesy of rustiqueart

I am thankful…

For the limitless love of family.

For shared memories with life-long friends and new-found friends.

For waking up late on Sundays just in time to attend the church of NPR and drink coffee with my husband.

For countless opportunities that I’ve had in education, work, and travel.

For the determination, ambition, intelligence, and humor I gained from my parents.

For affordable health insurance, and for my health.

For friendships that pick up where they left off no matter how much time has passed.

For a job where I am appreciated, trusted, well-paid, and get to use my talents.

For a husband who constantly pushes me to be a better person, teaches me things, and reminds me to have fun and relax.

For my puppy who loves to cuddle and never judges me.

For living in a city I love, in a country that keeps me safe and free.

For a President who believes in the same values that I do.

For relationships that provide opportunities to practice compassion, patience, and forgiveness.

For learning how to listen to what my heart really wants instead of being influenced by the opinions of others.

For moments that reassure me  that I’m on the right life path.